Custom Glock Slide Cover Plates

Slive Cover Plate Featured Image

From carving your initials in a tree, to getting a tattoo, to not just reading the writing on the wall, but putting it there in the first place; there is just something about an empty space that makes you want fill it with stuff!

That’s why we offer Custom Slide Cover Plates… and why they’ve been a consistent best seller since we started making them.
And yes, they are made of billet aluminum. They will last as long as, or longer than, the Glock itself. But that’s just an “additional” reason to buy one.
The real reason is that when you lift the gun and point it at the target, that cool little symbol (whichever one it is) will be staring you in the face and making you smile.

If you’re a Marine or former Marine (No such thing as an ex-Marine!), then you’re already smiling!

It’s basically just an affirmation of that famous R. Lee Ermey’s slogan:
Make your Glock “YOURS” with Custom Slide Cover Plates for Full Size Glocks, the G42 and theG43