[100% Legal] Build A Non-Registered Handgun With a Spectre Polymer80

Spectre Polymer80 Glock Frame

One of the most exciting and fastest selling items at the GlockStore is the new Spectre Polymer80, 80% lower. Yes, that’s right. it’s an 80% finished lower frame, designed to accept Glock factory parts and, when completed, can be easily assembled into a fully operational handgun.

Most of you know of, or have heard of, the 80% lower AR-15 frames and 1911 frames. One can simply purchase them as a “non-firearm” part and then “finish” the frame into a functioning lower. You then assemble them with readily available parts and legally own a firearm that does not have to be “registered.” This is completely legal and acceptable based on Federal laws that have been on record for many years that state an individual can actually make a firearm for personal use.

This same concept is now available for the Spectre lower… which, for all accounts and purposes, resembles a Glock handgun but is different enough so as to not violate any of the federal trademarks that Glock has regarding its handguns.

Basically, you can now purchase a Spectre Polymer80 and build it out into a fully functioning handgun.


And, that’s where we, GlockStore.com, can help.

We, of course, offer the Spectre 80% lower in all of the colors: Black, OD Green, Flat Dark Earth, and White, along with the new colors coming soon; Grey, Robins Egg Blue and Purple.


Currently, these 80% lowers can be finished to resemble any of these popular Glock models; G17 9mm, G22 .40cal, G31 .357cal, G34 9mm, and G35 .40cal. And, we have online videos showing the finishing and assembly procedures.

Glockstore also offers all of the parts and pieces you need to assemble your lower into a fully functioning handgun. We have the Complete Glock Factory uppers (slides and barrels) available in all of the above calibers and sizes.


We also offer a Complete Lower Parts Kit that includes everything you need to finish the lower in one package; pins, springs, trigger bar and trigger housing; again, everything you need! GlockStore makes the process easy as everything is bagged, tagged, and read for installation!

Complete Lower Parts Kit


You’ll also find a Complete Upper Parts Kit on the GlockStore.com website.

Polymer80 Complete Upper Parts Kit


And, if you’re looking to build a more custom handgun, you’ll find a huge selection of bare slides, barrels, sights and performance parts that will enable you to build a full-blown race gun!

Now, here’s some great news…..the Polymer 80 Lower will soon be available in the Compact Frame size… which will resemble the Glock 19, 23 or 32. We expect to ship those in mid-to-late December.

And, rumor has it, we can expect to see a full-size .45 caliber / 10mm frame in the first quarter of 2017. And, of course, we will have those too! Bookmark this page and I’ll keep you updated on the progress as I know there is a lot of demand for both of these items.

The Spectre Polymer80 is definitely one of the hottest products we sell at the GlockStore, and we have the expertise and experience to help you at every stage of your new project. I invite you to visit our website, and watch our videos, to see if the 80% lower, non-registered handgun concept is right for you.

Lenny Magill
 Founder / CEO

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