Lenny Magill Completes the new Polymer 80 Full-Size V2 80% Lower using Glock Factory Parts


In the new video on the GlockStore YouTube Channel, Founder and CEO Lenny Magill builds the new Polymer 80 Full-Size V2 80% Lower into a complete, fully functional handgun. Magill shows the user everything one would need to know in order to safely, easily and accurately build this 80% lower using Glock factory parts.

The video is approximately 52 minutes in length and details the tools, parts and accessories that come with the Polymer80 V2 as well as the items needed to complete the build. Magill takes the time to name and detail every part of the process and shows you some tips that make this easy and fun.Lenny Magill is recognized worldwide as an inventor, video producer, writer, thought leader, innovator and overall expert on Glock handguns, performance parts and accessories and shooting techniques using all types of firearms. Magill is the founder and CEO of GlockStore.com and has over 300 how-to videos on the GlockStore YouTube Channel.

The new Polymer80 Full-Sized V2 features the innovative and very effective Trigger Housing Rail System that provides steel rails for the slide to ride on during shooting. These correspond to the Locking Block Rail System that was present on the V1.
This new system makes the frame much easier to complete and ready to accept parts that will work in Glock 17 and Glock 22 handguns. In fact, the new Polymer 80 Full-Sized V2 will accept factory Glock parts and Glock factory uppers or slides and able to accommodate any of the following slides: Glock 17, Glock 22, Glock 31, Glock 34 and Glock 35.

GlockStore.com offers all the Glock parts needed to complete the build of this new Poly80. In fact, you’ll find a complete Upper Parts Kit and a complete Lower Parts Kit on the GlockStore website as well as complete factory slides and aftermarket uppers.

If you have any questions about the Polymer 80 Full Size or the Polymer 80 Compact 80% lowers, you can speak to an expert at GlockStore.com.

Call the GlockStore toll free number at 800-601-8273 for expert advice on Glock parts for your Poly80 build. Phones are open Monday-Friday from 7am-7pm and Saturday and Sunday from 8am-4:30pm PST.
Good Luck with your build and remember, GlockStore.com is the world’s largest and best source for Glock parts and accessories.