Is The Drought Finally Over?

Yes, there was indeed a “gun drought” where most dealers were having a hard time finding all Glocks, not just the latest Gen5 Glock® pistols!

And “Yes,” that includes the GlockStore!

Fortunately, we’ve seen the supply lines start to fill up again, in everything from guns designed for Concealed Carry to the full sized models suitable to be Competition Handguns.

And it’s not just Glocks that are starting to be more available!

We’re seeing more of our “non-Glock” favorite, Sig Sauer start to become more available across their line… so yes, we are able to start bragging about having “Sig Sauer handguns for sale!”

We’re also seeing signs that the Sig custom market products, including the Sig Fire Control Units and Sig Grip Modules are slowly but surely coming back on line and are now available at

Will this be a short bump in Glock® and Sig Sauer® availability before supply’s start to dry up again?

Now that’s hard to predict, but the sure answer is if you want them, buy them now… while they’re available!