Here’s What Our Founder, Lenny Magill, Wants You to Know About Our New Website

If you are reading this new Blog post then you surely have noticed that we have deployed a new website.

After years of double digit growth our prior website and processes were not able to provide the level of service and communication that I want to provide to our customers. So, after an extensive review of the latest technology and the most secure platforms for ecommerce transactions, we selected a very robust, multi-national, Fortune 1000 company to provide our front end website and back end office support. Now, to me, this is very exciting as our new website will enable us to deliver the best customer service in the industry.

Slider-WELCOMEr1Here’s a few things you can expect from the new website:

  1. Faster, more responsive website – click and it goes almost instantly
  2. More descriptive email communication
  3. Easier, more comprehensive user accounts
  4. Better layout and organization of our instructional videos
  5. This Blog spot to allow us to communicate more effectively and frequently
  6. Our New Forum to help share ideas, information and news about everything Glock!

Now, with any change and, quite frankly, any new website or software deployment, there comes challenges. We’ve had to train our staff on this new platform. Certainly sounds easy, but keep in mind, we used our old back office software for almost 20 years! And, we are still operating our current software and processing more than 1,000 orders per day. Every one of us here at Glockstore are learning how to best utilize this new software. It’s kind of like learning to drive a Ferrari(it’s easy to go 80mph and be comfortable). Now, let’s maximize what it can do and go 160mph—how comfortable are you?

But enough about us… are some of the challenges you will face with this new website:

  1.  Your old account history and information is not available on the new
    (our software experts could not port the account history to the new platform)
  2. We have all your order history at our office. Please call us for any questions.
  3. Please make a new account when ordering on the new so you can log back in for history and status

Overall, I’m very excited about our new website and back office software. It will enable us to scale the business and provide better customer service, faster shipping times and more robust reporting and status updates.

Finally, since the website is huge—literally 18,000 items with colors and sizes and styles—I encourage you to help us spot the bugs and mistakes and email us so that we can get them fixed. We are still adding more products, videos and categories to help make the number one website in the world for Glock handguns, factory and performance parts, logo gear and apparel and accessories to make you a better, safer, faster shooter! This site is never done and we’re having a lot of fun building and improving it every day!

Here’s your chance to win a FREE Pyramid Trigger System


In order for us to make our new website running as smooth as possible, we’d love for you to be involved! How? By surfing the new website for any bugs and sending us an email with the subject line “Wacky Website Woes” or “WWW” to: We will then segment these emails into a raffle and will randomly select the winner of a brand new Glockstore Pyramid Trigger of your choice!

I’m Lenny Magill, thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for being a customer!