GlockStore Founder Lenny Magill on Sales and Why Problem Solving Beats a Resume

Lenny Magill is the founder and CEO of Glockstore, the largest retailer of Glock weapons, accessories, and parts in the world. The online store at alone serves over 250,000 customers around the globe. Lenny is also very well known in the shooting community for his videos on shooting and self-defense.

Lenny shares the story of his career, from growing up in Pennsylvania, and along all sorts of twists and turns from working in restaurants, radio DJing, selling advertising, producing TV shows, selling gun videos to now, running the largest Glock retailer in the world.

This episode is two hours jam packed with amazing stories and powerful insights. You won’t want to miss a minute.

Covered in this episode:

  • Lenny’s upbringing in Pennsylvania
  • Leaving the path to medical school, dropping out, and moving to California
  • Working in restaurants
  • How waiting tables opened an opportunity in radio
  • Lenny’s journey in the radio business
  • How radio news led to selling radio ads
  • Becoming a student when you have an incentive
  • Transition into cable TV
  • How crucial relationships are to success
  • How he entered the gun business
  • Handing a rapidly changing video environment in the 90’sWhy you need to do great work no matter what job you have
  • The importance of time for concentrated thought about life, business, and who you want to be
  • What habits, tools, and techniques Lenny has used to create a happy, healthy, and successful life

Sales book recommendations:
Denis Waitly
Og Madindo
Lenny Magill shooting video highlights
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