Glock 43 Pyramid Trigger Now Available!

We’ve been waiting to say this for a long time!

Barely a day goes by that we don’t receive at least a few phone calls asking the same darn question, “Do you guys have a Pyramid Trigger for my Glock 43 yet?”

Basically, people have been asking for a Glock 43 Pyramid Trigger since that sweet little Glock first hit the shelves. The answer, however, has been changing quite a bit over the last few months.

Up until about 4 months ago:

Between 4 and 2 months ago:

Between 1 month and yesterday:

But if you had called yesterday and asked that same old question, “Do you guys have a Pyramid Trigger for my G43 yet?” you would have heard:

Here’s the official announcement:

The New Pyramid Trigger Kit for the Glock 43 comes complete with:

  1. Titanium Coated Trigger Bar
  2. Aluminum Shoe and Trigger Safety in your choice of colors.
  3. Trigger housing with Extra Power Trigger Spring installed
  4. Double Diamond connector installed
  5. Reduced power Safety Plunger Spring – requires installation
  6. Reduced power Firing Pin Spring – requires installation

Here are just a few more things we think you’d like to know:

1) It’s a smoother, lighter, crisper trigger pull.

2) You can get both the trigger and safety in your choice of colors, as long as it’s either Black, Blue, Gold, Pink, Silver, or Red!

3) In addition to the Pyramid Trigger Kit for the Glock 43 introduction video that is currently online, we will have installation videos up shortly… certainly before  your Pyramid Trigger arrives at your door!

Also, please note that we have a VERY limited supply of the Pyramid Trigger for the G43 in stock and ready to ship. But if you call right now, you could be at the range and have someone ask:

“Is that a Pyramid Trigger on your Glock 43?”

To which you would, of course, reply:

“Yeah, I got that!”

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