Customer Review: Polymer80 Compact Ghost Glock 23 Build

I’ve built more than a few 1911 ‘s and AR 15’ s over the years but a Polymer80 Build, well I had to try it…


Monday: Polymer80 Kit arrived and I got started right away.

Used my table top drill press for some of the work. Shaved off the front lugs with the mill bit but used a Dremel Tool on the rear with sanding cylinders. It took me about 3 hours to mill, drill, and rough sand the edges with a narrow B File & 600 grit paper. I think it took longer to set the drill press up than just to use the Dremel tool. I would recommend it over a drill press. Used hand drill for the pin holes.


Tuesday: The finishing process.

My Glock 23 parts fit tight( and I mean tight). I followed your advice on your YouTube Channel and used fine file, WD 40, & 60 grit paper to smooth the locking blocks and polymer. Please let the Polymer80 guys know that anodizing the front locking block is not necessary. I had to almost completely remove all the coating to make the slide work smoothly. Spent extra time on the rear block as well, racking & testing then polishing with the 60 grit. Took about another three hours to get things working smoothly.


Friday: Range day at Yolo Sportmen’s Club.

Couple of hiccups but WD 40 and shooting loosened up quickly. Minor wear on barrel but this pistol shot great at range.  Already 200 rounds down range without any real problems.This is a great little pistol, and thanks to your great videos, it was a fun build.Project worked as described in your videos, take your time and you can do this yourself. I’ll be looking closely at the catalogue you included with my last order for ideas, and of course, watching and re-watching those great videos.


Customer built by Michael Q. from Vacaville, Ca.