Custom Gun Glock G19 G4

This G19 Gen4 Front Serrations was sent to us from customer Mike B., who saw some of our custom creations from last year’s Shot Show display. Mike told our custom shop experts that he wanted a gun that would “stand out from other competitors on the range” and give him a “conversation piece in his man cave.” Basically, he wanted a competition/carry pistol that was unique, and what could be more unique than gold!

GlockStore offers two styles of the gold finish. One is our Satin, or Brushed Gold finish. This is a titanium nitride finish that has a non-reflective look. We also offer, a Highly Polished finish that offers a mirror-like finish. Mike B. decided that “Shiny” might be a hindrance during competitions, so he chose the Satin look.

Competition shooting involves hitting the selected targets accurately and as quickly as possible, preferably faster than your opponents. To facilitate rapid operation of the pistol during stressful situations such as competitions, or gunfights, the GlockStore has created a line of extended controls, and other parts.

One of GlockStore’s most popular performance products is the Super Heavy Tungsten Guide Rod. This tungsten alloy rod, with a factory weight recoil spring, is almost 3x times the weight of the factory plastic rod without the bending/flexing of the plastic. This puts more weight into the nose of the pistol to assist in felt recoil reduction. This heavy tungsten replacement helps reduce felt recoil by almost 25%.

Next we looked at sights., Most shooters prefer to have a set of luminescent night sights for low-light shooting. Mike B. spec’d out a set of Trijicon Tough & Ready tritium 3-dot night sights for his weapon. This choice not only aides in low light target acquisition, but are also low profile… for ease in concealed carry. Next he choose his favorites among our GlockStore Extended Controls.

The Double Diamond Precision Extended Slide Lock allows for ease of manipulation in disassembly/ and slide removal. It is longer that the factory slide lock by almost a millimeter, allowing for a better finger grip. Then a Factory Extended Slide Stop Lever in Gold to match the slide. This extended lever adds a small bump to the factory slide stop lever to offer easier manipulation during stress shooting.

Many of the target stages during competition require multiple magazines. The faster you can reload with a fresh magazine, the quicker you can reacquire and engage your targets.

Under these timed, and stressful, situations the goal is to be able to reload without having to look away from their targets or changing their grip on the pistol. Having a larger Extended Magazine Release can fit both bills. The larger size helps locate it without looking at the pistol., Plus, it’s extended to allow for operation without shifting their grip, or with gloves during inclement weather.

GlockStore offers several options for extended aluminum mag releases. The Tear Drop is our largest button in a tear drop shape. Our Checkered Mag Release, for Gen 3 Glocks, is one of our newest option. This aluminum rectangle is checkered for a more aggressive feel, perfect for wet conditions. The Rectangular Aluminum Extended Magazine Release is our original extended release, and still one of the most popular.. As mentioned it is a small square of aircraft aluminum that extends out and back from the frame with small grooves for a textured grip. Each of these releases are modified from factory plastic magazine releases with the aluminum buttons attached with small screws.

Our Classic factory style Extended Mag Release, as well as our Checkered Mag Release for Gen 4 Glocks, are based on the factory plastic magazine release, but manufactured from aircraft aluminum. Its added length allows for manipulation without too much sacrifice in conceal ability. For his custom pistol, Mike B. went with our Aluminum Gen4 version. This is a slightly larger extended version of the factory Gen4 mag release with the edges rounded just a bit for a more comfortable feel.

As this is Mike’s competition gun, he definitely needed a precision, high performance trigger.

We suggested the new Flat Face Ultimate Pyramid Trigger System. This new version of our classic Pyramid adjustable trigger combines the trigger pull weight reduction, and adjustable pull length, with our new Flat Face trigger shoe. This flat face forces the finger to pull more directly to the rear instead of a curved motion. This allows for less movement of the firearm resulting in better accuracy.

Rounding out this competition basede build is the magwell. This funnel-like part attaches to the bottom of the pistol grip and allows the shooter to feel his/her way into the grip well to reload without looking down at the pistol.

Our Big Mouth Aluminum Magwell w/ Brass Insert was selected to provide an improved grip area and faster reload times.Its large size provides a larger, improved grip area that forces the shooting hand into the same grip position each time the pistol is grasped. Proper grip aids in enhanced accuracy, and improved follow-up shots.

GlockStore offers this magwell in two weights, 3oz, or 4oz, and in a variety of colors., You can also order custom colors to match, or contrast with, your slide/ and frame colors. Mike B. decided on our gold anodized, 4.0 oz. version. This also adds a little more weight to help further reduce felt recoil.

To finish off his “race gun,” Mike wanted magazines that would drop free of the pistol without any assistance. Our custom gunsmith team recommended the Heavy Extended Aluminum Magazine Base Plate. This is a 39.5 gram aluminum pad that is longer than the factory base pad by almost an inch. This extra length not only adds weight, but the extra base area, extending beyond the magwell, also greatly aids in reloads. The weight of the plate causes the empty magazine to drop cleanly from the pistol during operation, allowing Mike to engage more targets, more quickly, during competition matches.

Mike’s custom Gold Glock 19 Gen4 Forward Serrations was a hit here in our shop, and we have added it to our Custom Build Gallery. If you would like a custom pistol like this, please give us a call., Our Customer Service Department would love to help you get started!