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Spectre Polymer80 Glock Frame [100% Legal] Build A Non-Registered Handgun With a Spectre Polymer80

One of the most exciting and fastest selling items at the GlockStore is the new Spectre Polymer80, 80% lower. Yes, that’s right. it’s an 80% finished lower frame, designed to accept Glock factory parts and, when completed, can be easily assembled into a fully operational handgun. Most of you know of, or have heard of, […]

Spectre Polymer80 Glock Frame I Can Build My Own Gun With This?!?

There are lots of reasons you’d like to have a Spectre Polymer80: You might like the fact that this is a gun you can build yourself, exactly like you want it, and not have to spend money on factory parts you didn’t want in the first place. Perhaps it’s the fact that you can build […]

Customize Your Glock in Time for Christmas

Do Not Be Disappointed! Is it ever too early to start planning for Christmas? The short answer is “NO!“ Especially if you’d like to give what may well be the coolest gift ever…