2018 SHOT Show Update!

Here comes another amazing year and we’re going to kick it off “BIGLY” at the 2018 SHOT Show!

I’ve personally been going to the SHOT Show for 36 years. We’ve exhibited for 25 years, first as GunVideo and then as GlockStore, and we also now exhibit as UnderTech  UnderCover.

This year GlockStore has finally gotten the opportunity to move to a larger booth. You basically have to wait until one becomes available, and we’ve been on that wait list for years. And, yes, the wait was worth it!

We not only went from a 20’ x 10’ to a full 20’ x 20’… we also got the end cap position on the aisle. Patience does has it rewards!

To celebrate, we jumped in with both feet and built a much larger and newly designed trade show display. We are now in Booth #1846 on the “ultra-busy” First Floor, just six rows away from the UnderTech UnderCover booth, #646.

Speaking of UnderTech UnderCover, UTUC has grown to be the largest brand of concealed carry clothing in the world. This brand was first displayed at the 2005 SHOT Show. Even though the brand has been around for a long time, with our recent emphasis on fashion and functionality, as led by our CEO Tammy Magill, we are starting to see some incredible growth. And not only in overall sales, but in our dealer network as well.

The UnderTech UnderCover display is also located on the first level, at Booth #646, on the same main aisle, again just six rows away from GlockStore!

The 2018 SHOT Show runs from January 23rd to the 26th, at the Las Vegas Sands Convention Center. That’s located between the Palazzo and the Venetian Hotels. There will be 10+ of our most knowledgeable employees manning both booths to demonstrate all the exciting new products from both GlockStore and UnderTech UnderCover.

And most of all, don’t forget to come by the GlockStore booth (#1846) to see the 2018 Custom Glock Gallery. As a sneak peek, take a look at this beautiful Glock19 Gen4.

If you’d like to know how we went from a PBG — Plain Black Glock — to this… just stop by the booth and ask!

Lenny Magill, Founder & CEO, GlockStore.com