Cleaning your Glock

custom glock modifications

Whether you are a fan of competition guns or just interested in collecting guns, a Glock is a great

investment. There are many reasons why you should purchase a Glock – one of the best reasons is that

they are easy to maintain.

When you are going in to do maintenance on your Glock, you only need a couple of simple tools. With

just a pin punch and a knife, you can take care of any standard issues you may face. If you are having

trouble with the maintenance, you can very easily go online and look up videos of people cleaning and

doing maintenance on their Glocks! It’s just that simple. One of the best aspects of this gun is that it

does not need to be over-cleaned or over-lubricated. Most people only clean it after every three trips to

the range or after 400 rounds. It’s all up to you.

While cleaning your Glock, you should consider making custom Glock modifications. GlockStore is proud

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