Why Glocks are Great Competition Hand Guns

competition hand guns

Are you interested in getting into competition shooting? You may want to consider getting a Glock. As

one of the most ubiquitous pistols out there, there are a wide array of reasons why people love to use

these guns in competitions:

Simple to Use – Glocks are everywhere and rightfully so – these guns are known for being easy to use, as

well as simple to maintain. It’s perfect for starters and allows for a lot of upgrades to help you make

your pistol perfect.

Long Slide – The Glock 17L and 40 Gen4 In MOS Configuration are some of the Glocks known for their

long slide. Because the slide is long, you’ll be able to have great accuracy, as well as a high velocity that

isn’t seen in other competition hand guns.

Good Recoil – As a competition shooter, you need a pistol that has reliable recoil. Glocks are great

because they have recoil that nearly anyone can handle. All you have to do is practice with the gun you’ll

be in sync in no time!

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