What Makes a Glock a Great Gun?

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Considering adding a Glock to your collection? You’re making a smart decision! Glocks are great for a

variety of reasons, such as:

Light – If you have had to carry a gun on your waist for an entire shift, you know that they can start to

weigh you down. One of the biggest advantages of a Glock is that they are very light. Most other pistols

are as much as 30% heavier than a Glock. This is because these guns are made in a plastic mold, while

most other guns are assembled from steel.

Reliable – Police all over the country carry Glock guns because they are very reliable. There are many

reasons these guns are so reliable – they have fewer parts than other handguns, their tolerances are not

as tight as others, and they can work well with less lubrication.

Maintainable – When it comes to maintenance, the Glock is one of the easiest to work with! It’s simple

to clean these guns and you can replace the parts on your own with incredible ease. Additionally, the

customization process is much simpler.

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