New Limited Edition Glock Colors

Hanging around the GlockStore, we often refer to your standard issue Glock handgun as a PBG, or Plain Black Glock.

Your basic PBG… not that there’s anything wrong with that!

We refer to them thus to differentiate it from the vast variety of finishes that we offer for our custom Glock’s, as well as the various colored items you can get for your Glock.

Color My Glock… Custom Style!

We offer many colored items such as Magazine Base Plates, Extended Controls, Pin Kits, Magwells, Barrels, and of course, our Pyramid Trigger.

(BTW: our Pyramid Trigger can be had in no less than 42 color combinations if ordering from the website, and 64 different combinations if you call in for a special order.)

These are all very real, very popular ways to elevate your Glock from the PBG status.

Occasionally, however, there is another way; a limited time when you can actually purchase factory fresh Glocks in a completely different hue. And today is just such an occasion.

Some FDE models have full coverage and others are two-tone. They both look very cool!

We have a VERY limited supply of Dark Earth Glocks, Grey Glocks, and will soon have the newest color, Battle Field Green, aka… BFG.*

*NOTE: Despite the double entendre suggestion of those initials, these Glocks are regular sized… just with a different color. 

First of all, before I list all the models available in each color, please note that most of these are Gen. 4 Glocks, which are NOT AVAILABLE IN CALIFORNIA.

There are two Gen 3 FDE models, the Glock 19 and Glock 23, that we Commieforina residents can purchase.

Also, since these are in VERY LIMITED SUPPLY, these are ONLY available as a “CALL IN ORDER.” Here’s where you call:

GlockStore Customer Service
(800) 601-8273
Monday to Friday: 8 am to 7 pm PDT
Saturday & Sunday: 8 am to 4:30 pm PDT
Here’s what we’ve got available for immediate purchase:
“Stay Away” Gray
Glock 17 – Item #GP17G4GY – $599
Glock 19 – Item #GP19G4GY – $709  
Glock 22 – Item #GP22G4GY – $599
Glock 21 – Item #GP21G4GY – $649
Glock 23 – Item #GP23G4GY – $579
“High Worth” Flat Dark Earth
Note: Depending on the model, these are either Full Coverage FDE (FC) or Two Tone, FDE frames with black slides (TT)
Glock 17 – Item #GP17G4DE – $709 (FC)
Glock 19 – Item #GP19DE – $599 (Gen 3 TT)
Glock 23 – Item #GP23FDE – $659 (Gen 3 FC)
Glock 42 – Item #GP42FDE – $459 (TT)
“Lean Mean” Battle Field Green
Glock 17 – Item #GP17G4BFG – $589
Glock 19 – Item #GP19G4BFG – $589  
Glock 22 – Item #GP22G4BFG – $589
Glock 23 – Item #GP23G4BGF – $589

Glock 26 – Item #GP26G4BFG – $589

Glock 27 – Item #GP27G4BFG – $589
All six models in this brand new color are due to arrive onsite on, or before, October 30th.
These are pre-orders, and will ensure that your new BFG Glock will be on it’s way to you, as soon as they get to us.
Order today and you could be the first to ask, “Hey, want to take a gander at my new BFG?!?!”
Looks “OD” To Me!
Glock 27 Frame – Item #FRAME27G4OD – $250
So why would you want to buy just a frame?
Perhaps as a start to a really unique custom Glock… using GSPC parts that would end up saving you hundreds of dollars?
If that sounds interesting, and why wouldn’t it, call our “Custom Gun Gurus” to talk about the options. You’ll be surprised how affordable a Custom Glock can be!