Custom Hex Viper G17

A few months ago we had a good customer Cory E. call in and tell our GlockStore Custom Shop he wanted a “something cool” Glock custom pistol. He saw our new Laser Hex Viper cut slide featured on our latest catalog and knew that was the start of “something cool”. His only caveat was he wanted a two-tone color look that would stand out on the range as well as shoot well. “Come up with something cool” he said, and the Custom Shop got moving.

Starting with a GSPC 17 Viper cut slide, our Laser Department started designing the custom Hex pattern needed for our “something cool”. Our laser expert Ryan S. worked his computer magic to make the pattern fit the unique slide cuts. Then our GlockStore Gunsmiths took over, polishing the slide preparing it for refinish with our tough Black Oxide finish. After the finish was complete, Senior Gunsmith Patrick applied a whetstone to the sides of the slide to reveal the silver stainless contrast, and a little Red CeraKote highlight to our GS GlockStore logo. The amazing results are what you see here!

Customer Cory let us know that he would be starting to compete in the local shooting matches and wanted a “Race quality” gun. He wanted the ability to use a Recoil Compensator, and eventually a sound suppressor, so we added a Double Diamond Threaded Barrel with a matching Thread Protector. To help with recoil management we suggested using the GlockStore Heavy Tungsten Guide Rod. This guide rod is one of our most popular upgrades for Glock owners worldwide. It’s an easy, drop in part that is 5-times heavier than the factory plastic guide rod, and the felt recoil reduction is very noticeable. Since Cory is planning on using a compensator and/or a sound suppressor, we suggest that he get several spring weight options. Most recoil and sound suppressors tend to divert a lot of the gasses used for recoil operation of the pistol, and the stock weight spring becomes too heavy to properly cycle the slide causing various malfunctions. The last thing Cory needs when running his gun in competition, hunting or for self defense is a malfunction, so we added an 11 lb, and a 13lb spring to his order. This way he can tailor his spring weight to the use of the pistol; heavier weight for normal shooting, and lighter for suppressed or compensated shooting.

Something else Cory asked for was a “race quality” trigger system. Our Pyramid Trigger System offers an adjustable trigger that allows the shooter to determine the weight of the trigger pull, and length of trigger travel as well as the length of trigger reset. A shorter, lighter weight trigger pull and short reset allows for quicker follow-up shots, and increasing accuracy. Our Pyramid Trigger also allows the shooter to also adjust their carry pistol to a heavier weight most concealed carry owners prefer as an added measure of safety. The majority of our Pyramid Trigger customers tend to shy away from “factory” triggers after using our Pyramid system.

We gave Cory some added extras to round out the two-tone look of his pistol. Extended controls like the GlockStore Extended Slide Lock lever and Extended Aluminum Magazine Release can facilitate faster, smoother operation of the pistol during competitions and other stress shooting. We added our Stainless Pin Kit, and Polished Aluminum Mag Base Pads to complete the look. Our gunsmiths then polished the silver parts to match the slide and installed them to give a great contrast with the black frame, and two-tone slide.


What sights to use, you ask? We needed a set of sights with additional height that would clear the increased height of a suppressor, allowing the shooter to line up their sights on target. We chose the Trijicon Bright & Tough™ Suppressor Night Sights. These three-dot tritium iron sights allow shooters the ability to line up their sights in both bright and low-light situations, while standard height sights do not provide an aiming solution when using a suppressed or compensated firearm.

There was no way we could not send this beautiful firearm to Cory without making sure that it functioned flawlessly, so of course we had to flip a coin to see who would test-fire it. Gunsmith Bryce won the toss, and took it into our Tactical Indoor Range and punched some holes in the targets set out at various distances. A bit of minor adjustments, and Cory’s “something cool” was ready to go.

If you would like to create “something cool” like our customer Cory, here are some of the parts we used:

  • GSPC 17 VIPER Cut Slide
  • Trijicon Suppressor Sights (Green/Green)
  • Hex Laser Cut
  • Double Diamond Threaded G17 Barrel
  • Double Diamond Thread Protector
  • GSPC Heavy Tungsten Guide Rod (11-lb, 13-lb, 17-lb [factory] weights)
  • Ultimate Pyramid Trigger System (Sliver/Black 9mmGen3)
  • GSPC Extended Slide Lock
  • GSPC Extended Square Aluminum Magazine Release
  • GSPC Stainless Pin Kit
  • GSPC Aluminum Magazine Base Pads

Please feel free to give our Custom Shop a call at 800-601-8273!

(Original Article written by Keith W., GlockStore Gunsmith)