Custom Engraved White G34

“You Rebel Scum!” screamed a very cocky Imperial Officer, upon surprising Rebel commandos trying to blow up the shield generator on the forest moon of Endor. Alerted by the Emperor himself, Lieutenant Renz and his reinforced squad of Imperial Stormtroopers raced into the control bunker and captured the small Rebel band.

The Army of the Galactic Empire is deployed throughout the Galaxy to enforce Emperor Palpatine’s totalitarian rule. The best recognized and most feared of these Imperial soldiers are the Legions known as Stormtroopers. Clad in distinctive White and Black armor, these shock troops are the first, and often last thing a Galactic citizen or Rebel soldier sees before “becoming One with the Force.”

Our captured Imperial “blaster” came to us from an unnamed source from an outer rim planet we cannot pronounce. It apparently it fell off an Imperial AT-AT walker, either before or after it was destroyed by a massive, well.. he was kinda small, Jedi Knight and his lightsaber. I’m guessing the SnowTrooper who was carrying it… yeah, well he doesn’t need it any more.

Once brought to our hidden Rebel base, our GlockStore armorers have detailed and disassembled this clunky example of Imperial technology and gave it some rebel upgrades. Starting with the basic GLOCK 34 9mm pistol, our armorers traded the factory slide for a GSPC34 solid top blank slide, customized with fish scale top port cuts and round side port windows. Noting a lack of Imperial shot accuracy, we added a TRIJICON RMR 3.5MOA red dot sight. This incredibly fast sight features an adjustable brightness reticule, giving the shooter the ability to adjust his/her reticule brightness whether boarding an enemy vessel in orbit, or crushing Imperial invasion planet side.

Our armorer team installed an amazing Ultimate Pyramid Trigger system into our captured blaster. This ultimate trigger system includes a Double Diamond 3.5 lb Connector, a Skeletonized Stainless Steel Striker, and Competition Spring Kit that allows for adjustable trigger length of pull as well as rapid reset for very fast and accurate follow up shots.

Most troopers who will carry this unique blaster, will work in many different environments from rainy planets, snow capped peaks, jungle terrain, and arid sandy deserts. They need a system to allow them to operate the firearm whether they are wet, freezing, sweaty or bone dry. Our GlockStore Extended Controls are the perfect mix of form and function. The Glock Factory Extended Slide Release sticks out from the frame just enough to allow for ease of function with or without gloves. The Double Diamond Rectangular Aluminum Extended Magazine Release permits operation of the magazine release without the necessity of changing the shooter’s grip on the firearm.

Our Rebel spies have noted on more than one occasion that Imperial troops cannot hit the broad side of Jawa Sandcrawler. They told our armory team that the Stormtroops seem to have a problem with recoil management when blasting everything in sight! Rebel gunsmiths have added a Double Diamond Extended Tungsten Guide Rod to give an additional weight to the front of the gun. This extra weight helps reduce felt recoil approximately 25-30% less than a traditional plastic guide rod. Additionally we added a Storm Lake Match Grade barrel. These barrels are machined from solid 416 grade stainless steel and features rifling with one turn per 16 inches with a left hand twist to increase accuracy.

To top off this secret project our armorers suggested camouflaging the blaster in Stormtrooper CeraKote white armor to blend in when our spies infiltrate Imperial outposts. Then we Deep Engraved several Imperial seals and a custom design trooper logo to distract enemy officers into thinking our Rogue One team was a legitimate supply run.

We will know soon if their mission was a success and whether we have a New Hope of winning this Rebellion!

Here are some of the parts and accessories we used to modify this Custom Engraved, White GSPC34, Imperial blaster:

• GlockStore 34 Blank Slide

Custom Slide Cuts

Custom Deep Laser Engravings on Slide and Frame

White CeraKote on Slide and Frame

• Glossy Clear coat on Frame

Storm Lake Barrel: Standard, Black

Ultimate Pyramid Trigger Kit – Including Titanium Nitride Coated Trigger Bar, Titanium Safety Plunger, Skeletonized Striker, Competition Spring Kit, and Double Diamond 3.5lb Connector

Trijicon RMR LED Sight: 6.5MOA

Glock Extended Slide Stop Lever

Double Diamond Extended Guide Rod

Rectangular Aluminum Extended Magazine Release

Extended Precision Slide Lock

Full Size Complete Upper Parts Kit

Custom Aluminum Slide Cover Plate

Stainless Steel Pin Kit: Black