Custom Build Highlight: Faith, Hope, Love G26

Every now and then the GlockStore gets a great request from a customer. Something to honor a loved one, or a special date. We get to create a working piece of art. Our GSPC Custom Shop recently received an order from Susan L. for this unique memento to celebrate her feelings of Faith. Like West Point’s “Duty, Honor, Country” this distinct keepsake symbolizes the Susan’s Faith, Hope, and Love. Susan sent us several images to use, as well as several Bible passages she wanted celebrated. She gave us a lot of ideas to choose from, wanting us to surprise her with the finished product. Susan did stipulate she wanted her favorite color incorporated in the custom work; Blaze or Safety ORANGE! Normally we hesitate to decorate a functioning firearm with bright or florescent colors as they might be mistaken for a child’s toy. But we made an exception for Susan; we wanted this work of art to stand out from any other on the range!

Beginning with a Glock 26Gen4, our GlockStore Custom Shop created a “modified” Pyramid Slide Cut. “Modified” because, normally we include Front Cocking Serrations around the factory logos, and then our distinctive Pyramid cut down the sides. This time we skimmed off a thin layer of the slide sides to remove the factory markings and make way for the Pyramid cuts. This skim also allows for a larger area for custom Deep Laser Engraving. Once we finished the modified cuts, we turned the slide over to our Laser Engraving specialist Ryan.

Deep Laser Engraving is special laser engraving into the steel of the slide deep enough to allow for color filling of the engraved area to match with the colors of the slide or to contrast them, permitting the engraving to stand out from the rest of the slide. Technology these days is so amazing that we can engrave most images and lettering onto a slide or even the frame of a pistol. We have in the past recreated badges, military unit patches/logos, team logos, Bible verses, famous sayings, movie quotes etc. Here for Susan’s custom work, she gave us some suggestions for some of her favorite verses from the Bible as well as some religious symbols she chose. The hardest part of this build for our Custom Shop was choosing from all the images and symbols Susan sent to us. Our Custom Shop manager Kate took a straw poll from the GlockStore Retail Store crew, gunsmiths, inventory/shipping folks and even our Undertech Undercover seamstresses to see what images to use, then sent Susan a sample proof of the slide. Susan loved the layout and gave Kate the enthusiastic “GO FOR IT!”

While Ryan was working his Laser magic, we sent the frame of the pistol to our Stipple Master Daniel for some grip/frame modifications. Daniel is a wizard at transforming a normal factory frame into functional works of art. In Susan’s G26, Daniel opened the under trigger guard area we call the “Glock Knuckle”. This area where the pistol grip meets the trigger guard tends to rub a lot of shooter’s middle finger raw. This is a distracting factor that the GK removal/smoothing totally alleviates. After the GK removal, Daniel turned his attention the Finger Groove Deepening and Palm Swell Reduction. This opens up the finger groove/grip and backstrap areas of the frame allowing a better grip on the gun for smaller hands, as well as a smoother finish. He then added his special Sunburst style stipple to the sides of the frame as well as a couple of last minute design additions Susan sent to us.

We added an Ultimate Pyramid Trigger system with a Black/Orange Safety. Our Pyramid Trigger system offers an adjustable trigger that allows the shooter to determine the weight of the trigger pull, and length of trigger travel as well as the length of trigger reset. A shorter, lighter weight trigger pull and short reset allows for quicker follow-up shots, and increasing accuracy. Our Pyramid Trigger also allows the shooter to also adjust their carry pistol to a heavier weight most concealed carry owners prefer as an added measure of safety.

Then came sights. Susan asked if we had any sights that had Orange features or dots. We had several options, Trijicon HD sights, AmeriGlo Spartan, and Dead Ringer Snake Eye sights. Susan took one look at the Snake Eye sights and that “That’s it!” The Snake Eyes’ design lends itself to the natural shooting position, while allowing quick target acquisition with minimal learning curve. Even in low-light conditions, the tritium front and rear sights glow continuously.

Once we had the sights picked out, it was time to put it all together. The slide had returned from our CeraKote vendor, and looked incredible! Our gunsmiths set about to assembling and testing the pistol. Custom Manager Kate suggested that we color the pins, and exterior controls the orange color to contrast the Graphite Black of the slide. And of course she claimed rights to test fire the pistol before we shipped it to Susan.


Faith Hope and Love G26

  • Glock 26Gen4
  • Modified Pyramid Slide Cut
  • Dead Ringer Snake Eyes Night Sights
  • Ultimate Pyramid Trigger (Custom color Black/Orange)
  • Custom Deep Laser Engraving (Custom artwork)
  • Graphite Black CeraKote w/ safety Orange color fill
  • CeraKote Safety Orange Pins, Exterior Controls
  • Frame Cuts (Glock Knuckle, Finger Groove Deepening, Palm Swell Reduction)
  • Custom Stipple Style (Sunburst)