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ARE YOU A ROSTER-FARIAN- Are You a Roster-farian?

“Ya mon, if you bought a handgun in California after 1/1/2001… then you’re a Roster-farian!”      Okay, bad Jamaican jokes aside, we do have a few non-Glockhandguns for sale. Normally with just these “one-offs,” we would just sell them in our retail store. Unfortunately, we cannot because these particular handguns, and a whole bunch […]

Here’s What Our Founder, Lenny Magill, Wants You to Know About Our New Website

If you are reading this new Blog post then you surely have noticed that we have deployed a new website. After years of double digit growth our prior website and processes were not able to provide the level of service and communication that I want to provide to our customers. So, after an extensive review […]