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Spectre Polymer80 Glock Frame [100% Legal] Build A Non-Registered Handgun With a Spectre Polymer80

One of the most exciting and fastest selling items at the GlockStore is the new Spectre Polymer80, 80% lower. Yes, that’s right. it’s an 80% finished lower frame, designed to accept Glock factory parts and, when completed, can be easily assembled into a fully operational handgun. Most of you know of, or have heard of, […]

GlockStore Founder Lenny Magill on Sales and Why Problem Solving Beats a Resume

Lenny Magill is the founder and CEO of Glockstore, the largest retailer of Glock weapons, accessories, and parts in the world. The online store at alone serves over 250,000 customers around the globe. Lenny is also very well known in the shooting community for his videos on shooting and self-defense. Lenny shares the story […]

Ultimate Pyramid Trigger Giveaway Ultimate Pyramid Trigger Giveaway

Glockstore’s Ultimate Pyramid Trigger Giveaway  

ARE YOU A ROSTER-FARIAN- Are You a Roster-farian?

“Ya mon, if you bought a handgun in California after 1/1/2001… then you’re a Roster-farian!”      Okay, bad Jamaican jokes aside, we do have a few non-Glockhandguns for sale. Normally with just these “one-offs,” we would just sell them in our retail store. Unfortunately, we cannot because these particular handguns, and a whole bunch […]

Here’s What Our Founder, Lenny Magill, Wants You to Know About Our New Website

If you are reading this new Blog post then you surely have noticed that we have deployed a new website. After years of double digit growth our prior website and processes were not able to provide the level of service and communication that I want to provide to our customers. So, after an extensive review […]