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glock parts for sale Get a Grip – Glock Grip Enhancers

Making sure you have a grip on your Glock is vital. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert, having a grip for your gun can improve your shot tenfold! Take a look at some of the options we have to offer: Falcon Grips – The key to shooting fast and accurately […]

Pyramid Trigger Installation into the Polymer80 Compact Frame featuring Lenny Magill

Lenny Magill, CEO of, just released a new video showing detailed instructions for installing the Pyramid Trigger into a Glock handgun. In particular, Mr. Magill shows the complete installation of the Pyramid Trigger adjustable trigger for Glock into the new Polymer80 Compact Frame. The Polymer80 Compact frame is 80% complete and can be purchased […]

Custom Build Highlight: Faith, Hope, Love G26

Every now and then the GlockStore gets a great request from a customer. Something to honor a loved one, or a special date. We get to create a working piece of art. Our GSPC Custom Shop recently received an order from Susan L. for this unique memento to celebrate her feelings of Faith. Like West […]

Customer Review: Polymer80 Compact Ghost Glock 23 Build

I’ve built more than a few 1911 ‘s and AR 15’ s over the years but a Polymer80 Build, well I had to try it… Monday: Polymer80 Kit arrived and I got started right away. Used my table top drill press for some of the work. Shaved off the front lugs with the mill bit but […]

Spectre Polymer80 Glock Frame [100% Legal] Build A Non-Registered Handgun With a Spectre Polymer80

One of the most exciting and fastest selling items at the GlockStore is the new Spectre Polymer80, 80% lower. Yes, that’s right. it’s an 80% finished lower frame, designed to accept Glock factory parts and, when completed, can be easily assembled into a fully operational handgun. Most of you know of, or have heard of, […]

Spectre Polymer80 Glock Frame I Can Build My Own Gun With This?!?

There are lots of reasons you’d like to have a Spectre Polymer80: You might like the fact that this is a gun you can build yourself, exactly like you want it, and not have to spend money on factory parts you didn’t want in the first place. Perhaps it’s the fact that you can build […]

New Limited Edition Glock Colors

Hanging around the GlockStore, we often refer to your standard issue Glock handgun as a PBG, or Plain Black Glock. Your basic PBG… not that there’s anything wrong with that! We refer to them thus to differentiate it from the vast variety of finishes…

Slive Cover Plate Featured Image Custom Glock Slide Cover Plates

From carving your initials in a tree, to getting a tattoo, to not just reading the writing on the wall, but putting it there in the first place; there is just something about an empty space that makes you want fill it with stuff!