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Full-Length-Concealment-Leggings Concealed Carry Leggings(Full-Length) by UnderTech UnderCover

       We are pretty used to UnderTech UnderCover products being in high demand. After all, they are handmade, right here in the U.S. of A., using time-tested designs and the highest quality fabrics on the planet. Now we’ve gotten used to the UTUC product line being one of our highest sellers; they have been […]

Here’s What Our Founder, Lenny Magill, Wants You to Know About Our New Website

 If you are reading this new Blog post then you surely have noticed that we have deployed a new website. After years of double digit growth our prior website and processes were not able to provide the level of service and communication that I want to provide to our customers. So, after an extensive review […]

Double_Diamond_Barrel Barrelology – Featuring our new Double Diamond Barrels

Double Diamond barrels I was going to explain how we found them or, rather, how they found us; what makes them different from other aftermarket barrels, as well as virtually the same; and why they deserve to carry the Double Diamond name.

New Limited Edition Glock Colors

Hanging around the GlockStore, we often refer to your standard issue Glock handgun as a PBG, or Plain Black Glock. Your basic PBG… not that there’s anything wrong with that! We refer to them thus to differentiate it from the vast variety of finishes…

Glock_43_Pyramid_Trigger Glock 43 Pyramid Trigger Now Available!

We’ve been waiting to say this for a long time! Barely a day goes by that we don’t receive at least a few phone calls asking the same darn question, “Do you guys have a Pyramid Trigger for my Glock 43 yet?”

Slive Cover Plate Featured Image Custom Glock Slide Cover Plates

From carving your initials in a tree, to getting a tattoo, to not just reading the writing on the wall, but putting it there in the first place; there is just something about an empty space that makes you want fill it with stuff!

Concealment_Leggings Concealed Carry Leggings = A Woman’s Dream

It’s no secret that our Original Concealment Leggings are setting the women’s concealment world on fire. The “Pre-Order Promotion” we did to announce them was our most successful ever. We sold out of the first run entirely…

Pyramid Trigger The Best Trigger For Glocks – Pyramid Trigger

Lenny Magill, CEO of, shows you how to disassemble your Glock and install the auxiliary components of the complete Pyramid Trigger System components.