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Parts is Parts… but that wasn’t always the case!

 Have you ever heard the phrase, “parts is parts?” Made somewhat famous by the old Wendy’s chicken nuggets commercial, it is normally used to indicate that one part is as good as another. And, that if you need to fix something, you will probably need replacement parts and those parts will fit. Much like how […]

Pyramid Trigger Installation into the Polymer80 Compact Frame featuring Lenny Magill

 Lenny Magill, CEO of, just released a new video showing detailed instructions for installing the Pyramid Trigger into a Glock handgun. In particular, Mr. Magill shows the complete installation of the Pyramid Trigger adjustable trigger for Glock into the new Polymer80 Compact Frame. The Polymer80 Compact frame is 80% complete and can be purchased […]

Custom Build Highlight: Faith, Hope, Love G26

 Every now and then the GlockStore gets a great request from a customer. Something to honor a loved one, or a special date. We get to create a working piece of art. Our GSPC Custom Shop recently received an order from Susan L. for this unique memento to celebrate her feelings of Faith. Like West […]

Custom Hex Viper G17

 A few months ago we had a good customer Cory E. call in and tell our GlockStore Custom Shop he wanted a “something cool” Glock custom pistol. He saw our new Laser Hex Viper cut slide featured on our latest catalog and knew that was the start of “something cool”. His only caveat was he […]

Customer Review: Polymer80 Compact Ghost Glock 23 Build

 I’ve built more than a few 1911 ‘s and AR 15’ s over the years but a Polymer80 Build, well I had to try it… Monday: Polymer80 Kit arrived and I got started right away. Used my table top drill press for some of the work. Shaved off the front lugs with the mill bit but […]

SF or Non-SF… That Is The Question!

 In the beginning, there was one Glock, the Model 17. It had a smooth handle with no finger grooves and a delicately pebbled finish. Gaston Glock looked upon it and proclaimed, “This is perfection.” And it was… for a while. But, as was likely inevitable, the American market started demanding larger calibers. So in 1991, […]

Spectre Polymer80 Glock Frame [100% Legal] Build A Non-Registered Handgun With a Spectre Polymer80

  One of the most exciting and fastest selling items at the GlockStore is the new Spectre Polymer80, 80% lower. Yes, that’s right. it’s an 80% finished lower frame, designed to accept Glock factory parts and, when completed, can be easily assembled into a fully operational handgun. Most of you know of, or have heard […]

GlockStore Founder Lenny Magill on Sales and Why Problem Solving Beats a Resume

 Lenny Magill is the founder and CEO of Glockstore, the largest retailer of Glock weapons, accessories, and parts in the world. The online store at alone serves over 250,000 customers around the globe. Lenny is also very well known in the shooting community for his videos on shooting and self-defense. Lenny shares the story […]

Ultimate Pyramid Trigger Giveaway Ultimate Pyramid Trigger Giveaway

 Glockstore’s Ultimate Pyramid Trigger Giveaway

Spectre Polymer80 Glock Frame I Can Build My Own Gun With This?!?

 There are lots of reasons you’d like to have a Spectre Polymer80: You might like the fact that this is a gun you can build yourself, exactly like you want it, and not have to spend money on factory parts you didn’t want in the first place. Perhaps it’s the fact that you can build […]